Quran MemorizationCourse


This course will help you to learn Quran Memorization through one-to-one personalized online classes to become Hafiz/Hafiza of the Quran. You or your kids will learn how to memorize the Quran in a practical and interactive way. Whether you need to learn Quran memorization for your or your kids, our expert Quran teachers will endeavor to simplify the whole memorization process. They will start with your or your kids from memorizing short-surahs moving to long ones, then hifz full chapters (Juz), and the whole Quran eventually.

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Since memorizing the noble Qur’an is one of the greatest gifts and actions that a Muslim casts his Lord. It was mentioned in many legal texts that exhort a Muslim and urge him to memorize the Noble Qur’an. It differs according to age, perception and other factors as the teacher explores through the experiment the appropriate amount for the student to memorize, so he does not exceed it with the periodic review to make sure not to forget what was memorized.

Allah sent the Quran down to Muslims in Arabic. So who master teaching the Quran better than native Arab tutors?! That’s why our Quran tutors guarantee perfect Quran memorization, correct Quran pronouncing, and good Quran understanding.

We have male and female native Quran teachers specialized in Quran teaching. They hold Ijazah in and are qualified to teach the Quran for children and adults.

In this course, your Quran teacher will start with the short Surahs to the long ones to ensure easy, gradual memorization of all of the Holy Quran. Your teacher will work on facilitating memorization and help you overcome any problems with memorization, Tajweed, or phonetics.


  • 6 new habits to improve Quran memorization ability
  • Quantum Reading Technique
  • Scan Reading Technique
  • Initial Memorization Technique
  • Forgetfulness types and their solving
  • Deep Memorization
  • Learn the 4 techniques for improving your memorization ability
  • Be able to memorize around 10 pages daily
  • Be able to memorize the whole Holy Quran in short-time
  • The simplest way to memorize the Qur’an
  • A quick and easy way to memorize the Quran