Mubarak Ali

I am a student and I am very very satisfied with JalisulQuran online classes. I love to JalisulQuran now. It is very interesting. And your tutors are very nice and easy to learn with. I am very pleased with my experience with JalisulQuran and highly recommend others God Bless You.
Liverpool, USA
Shuruq Mohamed
I found JalisulQuran extremely helpful in providing a solid base for my 7 year old daughter in Quran reading. Her tutor is very friendly and professional. Also has good English communication skills. The Quran Reading course outline helped my daughter understand the fundamentals of Arabic reading.
Manchester, USA

Ali, Jamal & Aisha

JalisulQuran is an amazing online institutions. My three kids are Learning Quran Online since one year. We sometimes go on vacations to other countries but due to online program my children never missed their classes. My kids are going great in reciting Quran with Tajweed.


Jamil Abdelmunem. Is a really good teacher and Hamza learned a lot from what he taught him and he is always on time to every lesson. And I do recommend his to all other people

Ahmad & Adam

Alhamdulilah that he made it happen to find the Jalisulquran. I enrolled my two younger sons Ahmad 13 years old and Adam 12 years old a year ago, they had continuous and ongoing improvement due to special care from the Shiekh “who is qualified and caring we are totally satisfied and recommend this service for anyone who wants their children to understand Islam and Quran the way it is supposed to be understood that simple and pure. Thanks very much

Maya & Aytha

I have found Jalisulquran institute brilliant for my two daughters aged 5 and 7. My daughters look forward to their classes from the comfort of their own home. The teacher is great at adapting the lessons to make them child friendly. They are really profesional and accommodating. The prices are very reasonable and I am very pleased I came across this website.


United Kingdom

My son taking tajweed & memorization classes, its been a year now.
I am very satisfied with the teacher. He is
qualified and know very well how to teach the kids.
He is very cooperative, patient and polite, he teaching very great way. He works really hard. I highly recommend him. Jazakallah
He is a great teacher, with a lot of patience. I have an easily distracted son, but he takes his time to teach my son arabic and Quran. My son has improved a lot since he began learning with him. Thank you so much Mr. Jamil Abdelmunem
Regarding the teacher Sheikh Maged, he has a very good approach with kids and Ilyass has learned a lot with him Alhamdoulillah.
I would have liked that there’s time allowed for revision of the previous Surat learned.
The price is good.
I would recommend for others but it will be good to have a regular schedule
United Kingdom