The holy Quran spelling course the best way to help beginner students and kids to read and memorize the holy Quran.

And the importance of the course are as follows:
1 It enables the student to learn the Qur’an at any time.
2 Helps young children to pronounce Arabic letters, sounds and words.
3 The course is characterized by comparing the Arabic sounds with the English sounds and letters that the student knows.
4 The course is characterized by gradualism in the pronunciation and reading. Sounds first, individual letters second, compound letters then words. finally reading verse complete.
5 It helps the student to review his homework if he is learning online.
6 Helps beginners in online education to do homework.
7 It helps to access goal and achieve the purpose easily.
8 It saves a lot of time.
This course includes 15 Surah of the Holy Qur’an. Surat Al-Fatihah and 14 other short Surah from the end of the Holy Qur’an. Once you register with the teacher, you will be abl to watching all courses inshaAllah